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Thread: On memory png data

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    Default On memory png data


    I want to create a PNG structure from a buffer pointer.

    What I want to do is to store PNG files into MySQL database in a BLOB column. The data for create the PNG file comes from a USB camera.

    What I don't want to do is to get the camera data, write into a file, open the file and write the file data into database because writing and reading from a file will slow down speed(high speed will be needed).

    So, how can I get the PNG compressed structure into memory without using a file? Maybe have I to create a memory file? Is that possible?

    Òscar Llarch i Galán

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    Default Re: On memory png data

    Qt Code:
    1. QByteArray bytes;
    2. QBuffer buffer( &bytes );
    3. QIODevice::WriteOnly );
    4. &buffer, "PNG" );
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    And write bytes in DB. (This load from exist image)

    Load from BD:
    Qt Code:
    1. QByteArray loadImage = q.value(0).toByteArray();
    3. if (!loadImage.isEmpty())
    4. {
    5. QImage img;
    6. img.loadFromData( loadImage );
    7. }
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