This guide is written for Windows Users and has not been tested on any other OS.

Okay, so for those of us who are new to QT and programming in general, downloading QT5 and running it for the first time can actually be a daunting task.
While one would think it would be a strait forward process, it can actually be quite difficult to get QT5 to work properly for someone who has literally just
began their career in program or UI development. First of all, this guide is being written to help the absolute beginner in programming to get QT to
work nearly out of the box.

We of course start with downloading QT, which most of you have probably done if you're reading this, but to be quite forward I will provide a link for that.

From that page you should select the QT distro that fits your OS (ie. Windows, Linux, Mac) and download the provided files.

Once you have downloaded your Distribution, understand that QT5 on windows comes pre-configured to use the Visual Studio C++ 2010 compilers,
so you will have to download that IDE to get it's compilers. Of course I will provide a link.

Before you go any further with QT5 I recommend downloading the Visual Studio C++ 2010 service pack 1 update as QT5 will likely state a compiler issue without it.
Easy enough, you simply download and install that from microsoft's website to which I will also link.

Once you download and install that, you should be good to go with QT5. I recommend getting started with some wonderful video tutorials on Youtube,
the one I use is right here.

If you found this guide useful, thank you for reading. I spent about two weeks trying to find a solution to this problem.
I had been running VS 2012 which are not natively configured to work with QT5... Why, I'm not sure.