QQuickView has weird behavior that is bugging me. I am using the KDE desktop, and new windows will animate into existance. By default this is a a glide effect, but there are other effects as well. For most application this will animate in a light gray window, that will then be drawn by the app once it is in place. But with QQuickView baed apps an ugly window background is animated into place instead. The background is the from the desktop, almost like an archaic 1990's Xlib app with an uninitialized background. This only lasts for about a half a second, and then the QML will render, but a half a second is still long enough to see this ugliness. It makes the QQuickView apps look very unprofessional. The same exact QML with QDeclarativeView (QtQuick 1) does NOT have this problem. It is only the new and improved QtQuick 2 that has this problem.

I have not tested this on other window managers that animate window creation.

Is there any way to avoid this behavior?