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Thread: Qt4 & Qtractor

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    Default Qt4 & Qtractor

    I'm a newbie in this forum, even with Qt development. Looking forward to learn though.
    I have a Little problem in Qt, I'm looking for a solution.

    I've downloaded the latest source code of the Audio/Midi multi-track sequencer called Qtractor, to learn develop and study some C++ at the same time I'm interested in Music production.
    However, I got all the required files and Qt 4. I was trying to compile other multi-track sequencers (open source) in Visual Studio, but could't make it work, in that meaning - it wasn't building or debuging, so I changed to Qt. I guess the problem was me..
    There is a Project file in the Qtractor package I opened in Qt 4 and Everything seems okey, but when I'm trying to 'Run' it says that I havn't "configure" yet. I know where to configure but not what I should set the options. Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Sweden. Anyone who could help a Little bit by letting me know what I should set the configurations? I'm would be very glad and thankful.

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    Default Re: Qt4 & Qtractor

    please, take care that qtractor is strictly a Linux-only project.



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