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Thread: Aligning 2 plots

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    Default Aligning 2 plots

    Hi guys,

    I am new to QT and QWT. I currently have 2 spectrogram plots in a vertical layout. The top one has a scrolling time y axis (adapted from the cpuplot example). The bottom one has a predefined y axis. I am trying to align the 2 plots' x-axis.
    Basically, I think i would need to get the label size of top scaledraw and somehow apply it to the bottom plot but not sure how to do this. Any help (or if theres a better way to align two graph axes) would be much appreciated.

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    First you need to align the y axes.

    Qt Code:
    1. int extent = plot1->axisWidget( yLeft )->scaleDraw()->extent( plot1->axisWidget( yLeft )->font() );
    2. plot2->axisWidget( yLeft )->scaleDraw()->setMinimumExtent( extent );
    3. plot2->setAxisScaleDiv( xBottom, plot1->axisScaleDiv( xBottom ) );
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    A scale widget emits a signal scaleDivChanged() whenever its scale has been modified.


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    Default Re: Aligning 2 plots

    It works great, thank you very much for the prompt reply!

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