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Thread: QComboBox event

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    Question QComboBox event


    I have created QCombox in UI and converted it in .py using Pyuic4. Now in my main py file i have imported this file and written an event for QCombox as follows

    name of QCombox is shotCB

    def on_shotCB_activated(self):
    print "A";

    but when i tried to run my py file, though i selected item once A got printed twice.

    again i tried

    def on_shotCB_currentIndexChanged(self):
    print "A";

    but this event also gave me same results i.e. printed A twice

    Can anybody tell me where i am going wrong?

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    Default Re: QComboBox event

    The slot has been connected twice: possibly once by your code explicitly and once by the automatic connection mechanism triggered by the on_widget_signal() naming.

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