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Thread: Building odbc driver in Qt 5.0.1

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    Unhappy Building odbc driver in Qt 5.0.1

    Hi guys,

    I am using Windows and installed Qt 5.0.1. I need to use qodbc but found out that the only available driver is qsqlite so I downloaded the qtbase source (qtbase-opensource-src-5.0.1) for me to compile the and generate the dll for odbc.

    I put the qtbase-opensource-src-5.0.1 in C:/Qt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1. I opened the odbc project file located at C:/Qt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/src/plugins/sqldrivers/odbc.

    The build directory is at:

    I was able to build the odbc project without any issue. But then, no odbc.dll was created. Should I expect it to be in the build directory?

    When I checked the build directory, only the following files are in there:
    - Makefile
    - Makefile.Debug
    - Makefile.Release
    - .moc/debug_shared/main.moc
    - .moc/debug_shared/moc_qsql_odbc.cpp
    - .moc/release_shared/main.moc
    - .moc/release_shared/moc_qsql_odbc.cpp
    - .obj/debug_shared/main.o
    - .obj/debug_shared/moc_qsql_odbc.o
    - .obj/debug_shared/qsql_odbc.o
    - .obj/release_shared/main.o
    - .obj/release_shared/moc_qsql_odbc.o
    - .obj/release_shared/qsql_odbc.o

    Should I put the source file somewhere else?

    I hope someone can help me on this.


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    Default Re: Building odbc driver in Qt 5.0.1

    I've never tried this way, i.e getting source code separately. I've Just compiled from
    C:\Qt\Qt5.0.1\5.0.1\Src\qtbase\src\plugins\sqldriv ers\odbc and the plugin was created under

    Just a guess, check C:\Qt\Qt5.0.1\5.0.1\qtbase-opensource-src-5.0.1\plugins\sqldrivers

    Anyway you can search for a dll named qsqlodbc.dll
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