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Thread: [Qt5] QSettings database variant

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    Default [Qt5] QSettings database variant

    hi all,

    Does anybody know of the existence of a QSettings class that uses a database as a backend?
    The application will be deployed on different machines over the network.

    I found some post from 2006/7/9, but nothing recent. So i hope there is a solution and i missed it.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: [Qt5] QSettings database variant

    You can write a backend, and register using
    Qt Code:
    1. Format QSettings::registerFormat(const QString & extension, ReadFunc readFunc, WriteFunc writeFunc, Qt::CaseSensitivity caseSensitivity = Qt::CaseSensitive) [static]
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  3. The following user says thank you to Santosh Reddy for this useful post:

    Delphi (23rd May 2013)

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