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Thread: QwtThermo: What happened to setRange?

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    Default QwtThermo: What happened to setRange?

    I am currently porting an application from QT4.7 to QT5.1 that uses Qwt for some drawing functionality. It included Qwt 5.1.1, but because of the port to QT5.1, I had to update the Qwt code to 6.1.0.

    So far I have been able to fix the incompatibilities by googlin' and comparing the Qwt5.1.1 and 6.1.0 code. However, now I encounter a problem with QwtThermo that I cannot find a solution for...

    The problem is that the code calls the method setRange for the QwtThermo class. In 5.1.1 this worked, but in 6.1.0, this method has gone! So I cannot compile the code of my application anymore. I cannot find an obvious replacement for this.

    Can anybody shed some light on this mystery?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Default Re: QwtThermo: What happened to setRange?

    In Qwt < 6.1 you had to set the same range twice ( setScale/setRange ) - for no good reason, beside that it always had been like this.
    If your code assigns the same range with setRange and setScale you can simply remove the setRange line now . If they are different you have to do the mapping between the ranges in your code.


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