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Thread: How to use Squish tool for Qml

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    Default How to use Squish tool for Qml

    I need to use squish to test a QML application which loads in Qt-executable. Coudn't find steps or any example which illustrates the test case recording.

    I am able to load the executable which displays qml but it doesn't recored anything.

    Went through Squish documentation:

    In 'Section 17.4.2', it is briefly mentioned that Squish records in terms of Rectanges and Texts (which is not happening at my end.

    It also mentions about a Squish hook in QML objects and moving them in 'extensions' folder. Even that doesn't seem to work.

    If you can provide an example of Squish with Qml, it will be of great help. Thanks!

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    Default Re: How to use Squish tool for Qml

    I ran into the identical issue, If you are using Squish under Ie8 you have to implement a spot to your QT develop and that should fix the problem...

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