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Thread: Auto scale of QwtPoltItem.

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    Default Auto scale of QwtPoltItem.

    I'm sub classing QwtPlotItem, and when i attached it to the plot, im trying to auto scale myPlotItem and the Y and X-Axis

    so the the item that i attached will be in the visible area of the plot and I don't need to zoom out and pan around to find it.

    so I'm doing :

    Qt Code:
    1. myItem->setItemAttribute(QwtPlotItem::AutoScale,true);
    2. myPlot->setAxisAutoScale(QwtPlot::xBottom);
    3. myPlot->setAxisAutoScale(QwtPlot::yLeft);
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    but its still not working and still need to zoom out to find my item.

    what else i need to do to achieve this ??


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    Default Re: Auto scale of QwtPoltItem.

    You have to return a valid bounding rectangle ( see QwtPlotItem::boundingRect() ).


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