**** Anyone who uses Qt for scientific research, please download and give feedback. I'm looking for some talented co-developers on this exciting project! ****

ChainLink is a Qt4 integrated environment for scientific data analysis and visualization using Matlab/Octave/Scilab compatible syntax. The goal of the software is to allow users to easily incorporate their own scientific C/C++ code, data structures, and Qt Widgets into a user-friendly console and scripting environment.

ChainLink is open and transparent in the sense that the source code for every ChainLink function (whether built-in or user-defined) is available from within the user environment itself! That is, in addition to traditional Matlab-style scripting (i.e. m-files), the user has full (and convenient) access to the C++ code for all console functions. This code can be modified during program execution, and the corresponding plugin library can be recompiled without the need to restart the ChainLink user interface.

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