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Thread: QFileSystemModel hangs GUI on Windows

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    Default QFileSystemModel hangs GUI on Windows

    m_pqFileSystemModel = new QFileSystemModel;
    m_pqFileSystemModel->setRootPath( QDir::rootPath() );
    ui->qtvTreeView->setModel( m_pqFileSystemModel );

    GUI hangs on creation, and on subsequent expands of folders with large number of files.
    Anyone know how to speed things up ( on windows ) ?
    The problem is that a lot of work is being done on the GUI thread (don't know if all is just graphics or some work is done as well).

    Moving the QFileSystemModel object in a different thread solves the speed problem, but after a while the application crashes under a memory access violation exception.
    This problem is old as Qt and no answer is in given to date as to how to circumvent the problem.

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    Default Re: QFileSystemModel hangs GUI on Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by Qt Doc
    QFileSystemModel uses a separate thread to populate itself so it will not cause the main thread to hang as the file system is being queried.
    So it must be somthing with you application.

    Also try setting the root path after QFileSystemModel::directoryLoaded() is emitted.
    When you know how to do it then you may do it wrong.
    When you don't know how to do it then it is not that you may do it wrong but you may not do it right.

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