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Thread: Multiple Window Class Variables

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    Post Multiple Window Class Variables

    Qt colleagues

    I have multiple windows(ControlWindow, NewWindow)

    How do I pass variables between windows (From ControlWindow to NewWindow & NewWindow to ControlWindow)

    ControlWindow CreateNewWindow button creates a newWindow.
    ControlWindow also has an upload image Button that loads an image in the label of the new window.
    ControlWindow holds the name of image(QString) & the QImage

    In my newWindow Constructor
    Qt Code:
    1. MainWindow TempMain; //probably because im creating a new instance of mainWindow variables are blank!
    2. //But that than how do I call the getter Functions of mainWindow from newWindow?
    3. //Nothing loads, the QString & Qimage is blank?
    4. QString tempName = TempMain.getName();
    5. QImage tempImage = TempMain.getImage();
    7. tempImage .load(tempName);
    8. ui->labelImage->setPixmap(QPixmap::fromImage(tempImage));
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    Help please. Ideas

    Signals and slots, Maybe?
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    Default Re: Multiple Window Class Variables

    You can of course always use signal/slot.

    Also, if MainWindow holds a pointer to your new window, than it can access all its public methods, so it can call setters and getters.


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