I spent many hours trying to make QWT work in my QT creator environment and did not succeed... I tried a lot of forum solutions with no success.

I use QT creator 2.7.0 with QT 5.0.1 (64 bit). I installed with Synaptic libqwt6 and libqwt-dev (version 6.0.0-1.2). I am under Ubuntu 13.04.

I added in my .pro file the following commands:

Qt Code:
  1. CONFIG += qwt
  2. INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/qwt
  3. LIBS += /usr/lib/libqwt.so
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When I am in the editor, it recognizes and proposes me the QWT functions. When I just call the simplest QWT function (QwtPlotCurve constructor), my program crashes with message : "The program has unexpectedly finished."

Moreover, I did not succeed to display the QWT widget in QT creator "widget menu". I tried to call an external library with no success (nothing happens).

In the plug-in information, QT creator do not find any plug-in... I did not find the

Could someone help me please ? Thanks in advance !