could someone please translate this tutorial for me to "new-to-linux-and-qt", because I sometimes just don't know what is wanted from me to do. http://silmor.de/qtstuff.cross.php

1: "pre-compile Qt on Windows, this is much more stress free, since Qt builds some tools it needs for building first. Use the same MinGW version for building that you use on Linux!"
So I downloaded and installed QtCreator. I shall build the application, like I want to run it for Windows. Now what is MinGW doing there? Why should I use MinGW in Linux, isn't it something for Windows to offer a shell similar to the one in Linux?

2: "Then build the same version of Qt for Linux - you will need the tools (qmake, uic, moc, etc.). "
What is meant by "build the same version of Qt"? Is it just download Qt (like from: http://qt-project.org/downloads) for Linux? Why would I then need these tools?

3: "You will need the include and library files of Qt for compiling and linking, so if you built Qt on Windows: either mount the Windows disk on Linux or copy the full tree over to your Linux disk. It is not recommended to mix the directories."
"if you built Qt on Windows" -> does this refer to 1, when I precompiled the application or something else?
"mount the Windows disk on Linux " -> What is meant here? Shall I insert the Windows installation disk to my Linux-PC? And then do what?
"or copy the full tree over to your Linux disk" -> Which tree?

These spots I just don't understand I hope someone can explain them a bit better, then this tutorial.
Thanks to all who try.

Best regards