I have built a little QT-based application but I have a difficulty to correclty position a QFormLayout.

As it can be seen in the attached file, I have a QBoxLayout containing a form, a QFrame (separator line) and a graphic. I would like the QFormLayout to adjust in order to let as space as possible to the graphic but I did not succeed. Do you have any idea ? Thanks by advance !

Capture du 2013-08-28 23:17:35.jpg

For information, I have used without success :
Qt Code:
  1. setSizeConstraint(QLayout::SetMinimumSize) on the QFormLayout
  2. setSizeConstraint(QLayout::SetMaximumSize) on the graphic
  3. setFieldGrowthPolicy(QFormLayout::FieldsStayAtSizeHint) on the QFromLayout
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