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Thread: QTreeWidget drag/drop

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    Default QTreeWidget drag/drop


    Currently I have a QTreeWidget with drag/drag enabled, successfully copying/moving items.

    However, this is not fully correct. My QTreeWidgetItems are subclassed (type being indicated in UserRole) and I only want to allows keys of certain types to drop in keys of certain other types.

    I've subclassed QTreeWidget and overridden mimeData and dropMimeData to allow me to encode/decode custom information. However with my custom mime format I now get a you cannot do that icon (circle with line through it) when I go to drop it in the desired location.

    Where does QTreeWidget decide if a drop can be made on a given it? I did try to override event, looking for QEvent:ropMove but it does not seem to come in there.

    Help appreciated,

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    Default Re: QTreeWidget drag/drop

    Try reimplementing QWidget::dragMoveEvent().
    J-P Nurmi

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