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Thread: QXmlStreamReader and entity label

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    Default QXmlStreamReader and entity label

    Hi all

    I'm using the QT object QXmlStreamReader for parse and read an xml file. It work very well except for a thing I'm currently not able to figure out. In the xml I need to parse there are some node contain entity tag. For make and example check the following lines:

    <!ENTITY xxx "entity text">

    When, using QXmlStreamReader, I get the "test" node (QXmlStreamReader::Characters) using function text() return me "entity text" that is correct in normal mode. However I need to have the entity label instead of entity text. This mean, once found the node "test" I need to get the label "xxx" instead of corresponding text.

    Is there a way to get this data?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: QXmlStreamReader and entity label

    Probably no. You could try with the entity resolver or using QXmlStreamReader::isEntityReference() but I wouldn't count on any of the two too much.
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    Default Re: QXmlStreamReader and entity label

    If you install your own QXmlStreamEntityResolver does it see the "xxx" or is it never given the entity to resolve?

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