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Thread: OpenCV with Qt (Windows 7 x64)

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    Unhappy OpenCV with Qt (Windows 7 x64)

    Hello, guys!

    I'm having some dificulties to integrate OpenCV with Qt. I've installed Qt 5.1 and OpenCV 2.4.6, the last one using CMake to generate the makefiles and building with VS11, but, I got errors specifically when I check the "WITH_QT" box, I can't configure until I specify all the paths, and then, I generate the makefiles, but when I try to build the .sln file, I got erros! But when I don't check the "WITH_QT" box, the installation succeeds.

    Straight to the point:

    1 - How can I solve this problem? The cause is any environment variable set wrong?

    2 - Can I integrate QtCreator with the OpenCV library, compiling it without checking the "WITH_QT" box?


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    Default Re: OpenCV with Qt (Windows 7 x64)

    You can build opencv separately and add it to your project via LIBS and INCLUDEPATH qmake variables.
    If you want to have autocompletion working with opencv symbols in QtCreator, add opencv include paths to your_project.includes file.

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