I am unable to find a configuration option for the font size used on the welcome screen and the help screen in QtCreator.

A similar (inverse) question was asked on this thread.

I'm using Qt Creator 2.8.1 on Windows 8.1 64 bit with a 13-inch 3200x1800 resolution screen.

The high resolution + small screen dimensions are giving me trouble in a hand full of applications, qt-creator being one of them. I can set the text editor font size in "Tools/Options/Text Editor" and that works fine for everything but the welcome screen and help screens.

Sorry, the screenshot is very large (if you're on a resolution lower than 3200x1800). Just imagine how tiny the welcome screen text is when you squeeze that down to a 13-inch screen. The splitter grabber mouse cursor is also extremely tiny, which makes grabbing screen splitters to move them quite a challenge.


Another minor issue is the default window size. As you can see from the screenshot the initial screen size is very small. Not a problem, but probably worth the Qt Creator team's time to add logic to base the default screen size on desktop resolution so they don't look bad.

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions, patches, etc...