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Thread: Live streaming with Qt5

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    Question Live streaming with Qt5

    Hi to everybody

    I'm trying to build some application who let me do a video conference...

    I can get stream from my webcam and sow it using QCameraViewFinder widget, but I need to put this stream on one port of my computer to get it from the other and show it...

    Is that possible to do this with Qt5 ??? I know that Qt5Multimedia library use gstreamer right now, and for that reason, I think that maybe is possible that I don't need to compile a vlc or gstreamer library and work with them to solve my problem...

    some advice please...

    best regards


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    Default Re: Live streaming with Qt5

    If you can get access to the frame data, then you can send it over network.
    Qt has support for both TCP and UDP transport layers.


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    Default Re: Live streaming with Qt5

    Thanks anda_skoa

    First one, I'm sorry for answer to late but I wasn't on my country...

    How can I have access to the fram data using QCamera object?

    best regards

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