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Thread: Convert QDomText to QString

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    Default Convert QDomText to QString

    I have a QDomDocument called doc and I need to make a QStringList of each of its top-level children. So far I have this:
    Qt Code:
    1. QDomNodeList nodes = doc.childNodes();
    2. for(int i = 0; i < nodes.size(); i++)
    3. {
    4. QDomText text =;
    5. //do something here...
    6. }
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    However, I cannot find any way to convert this to a QString. This is my first time ever working with The QDom* classes, so I'm pretty confused, and going by the docs there doesn't seem like much can be done with QDomText. Can anyone please offer some advice? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Convert QDomText to QString

    It is not clear what you mean with "make a QStringList out of its top-level children".

    Can you post an XML example and the result you are expecting?


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    Default Re: Convert QDomText to QString

    QDomNode::nodeValue() on nodes of QDomNode::nodeType () == QDomNode::TextNode... The nodes you have selected will probably be type QDomNode::ElementNode with child nodes of text and possibly other stuff.

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