Hi, I am doing a Qt project that is a library (statically linked to built in qt libraries so that all needed libraries are in one package) to be deployed on a c# based application.

Here is a breakdown:
1. GUIPlugin -> project that is statically linked that contains a QDialogbox. It's sole purpose is to extract a string input from the user.
Pro file contains:
QT+= core gui widgets

2. APIPlugin ->this project does not contain any UI elements. It's purpose is to call the GUIPlugin and get the string input from the user.
QT+= core

Our plan is to call the APIPlugin(.dll format) on the c# application.

Since we only want to import one qt dll on the c# application, we opted to do this. But we are having dependency issues on the APIPlugin since it is still searching for the qt widget libraries.

Does anyone know a better approach to this?