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Thread: QwtPlotZoomer keypatterns

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    Default QwtPlotZoomer keypatterns

    Hello. I'm developing program with QwtPlot and subclass of QwtPlotZoomer. I decided to add keyboard zooming ability alongside with mouse, but it didn't work while mouse zooming worked perfectly
    Qt Code:
    1. zoom->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect1, Qt::LeftButton); // zoom selection
    2. zoom->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect2, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::ControlModifier ); // zoom out to full size
    3. zoom->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect3, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::AltModifier ); // zoom out to previous size
    4. zoom->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect6, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::ControlModifier | Qt::AltModifier ); // zoom in to nex size
    5. zoom->setKeyPattern( QwtEventPattern::KeyRedo, Qt::Key_I, Qt::ShiftModifier );
    6. zoom->setKeyPattern( QwtEventPattern::KeyUndo, Qt::Key_O, Qt::ShiftModifier );
    7. zoom->setKeyPattern( QwtEventPattern::KeyHome, Qt::Key_Home );
    8. //zoom->setObjectName(QStringLiteral("%1").arg(listCurrTabGraphs.count() + 1));
    9. zoom->setZoomBase(true);
    10. zoom->setEnabled(false);
    11. zoom->setEnabled(true);
    12. zoom->canvas()->installEventFilter(this);
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    I installed eventFilter and saw that KeyPress events not rising

    I created test application with this 2 widgets only and it worked. I have no idea how to handle this error.

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    Default Re: QwtPlotZoomer keypatterns

    Maybe with overloading QApplication::notify() you can find out where your events get lost.


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