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Thread: Trying to get simple button-down working?

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    Exclamation Trying to get simple button-down working?


    I have about 2-weeks of Qt experience so am very much a beginner.

    Here is my setup:
    Qt 5.11 running on Ubuntu 16.04
    Beaglebone Black target SBC running latest Debian build
    Adafruit 800x480 HDMI/USB touchscreen display

    Here is where I am at:
    Built a basic widget program with buttons and text-box
    Downloaded to SBC
    Able to display and drag cursor to button area and click (display is running in “digitizer”mode as was unable to get it to work in mouse mode)
    Signals and slots work as on-click produces output in text-box as desired

    Here is the seemingly simple thing I want to accomplish:
    Instead of dragging the mouse and clicking the button I want to press the touch-screen in the button area and have it activate (button-down).

    I am on a very tight time-frame to get this to work. I started looking at the button class, mouse class, and touch-screen class but not sure which if any of these are going to accomplish this. Any assistance or examples would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Re: Trying to get simple button-down working?

    Don't double post.
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