Here is a quick overview of QxEntityEditor features (C++ Qt entity editor for QxOrm library, QxEntityEditor provides a graphic way to manage data model) :

QxEntityEditor video step by step :
1. Download and install QxOrm library (10s) ;
2. Download and install QxEntityEditor (56s) ;
3. Create a QxEntityEditor project (1m 46s) ;
4. Export entities to a C++/Qt project (8m 26s) ;
5. Export entities to a DDL SQL database script (10m 22s) ;
6. Create a client/server application to transfer entities over network (12m 31s) ;
7. Export QxEntityEditor project to a XML file (17m 13s) ;
8. Execute QxEntityEditor with command line (no GUI) (18m 07s).

For more details, go to QxOrm & QxEntityEditor website : http://www.qxorm.com/