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Thread: How to get the exact location from a click on the qgraphicsscene

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    Question How to get the exact location from a click on the qgraphicsscene

    Hi, I am writing codes to load in image from a file and did some edits on this image(change some pixels' value), zoomed in or zoomed out and then save the image.
    Also, I want to know the location in the original image associated to a click on the qgraphicsscen. Up till now, I can not find any function useful.

    My codes for loading image:
    qgraphicsscene = myqgraphicsview->getScene();

    My codes for editing:
    mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent * e){
    QPointF pt = mapToScene(e->pos());
    scene->addEllipse(pt.x()-1, pt.y()-1, 2.0, 2.0,
    QPen(), QBrush(Qt::SolidPattern));}
    I want to know the relationship between e->pos() and the exact location in the original image.

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    Default Re: How to get the exact location from a click on the qgraphicsscene

    Lets see: you have the point in scene coordinates. QGraphicsItem has a method called mapFromScene().

    I wonder if that could be used to map the point to item coordinates of the pixmap item. What do you think?


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