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Thread: qtglvideosink color convertion

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    Question qtglvideosink color convertion

    Official QtGstreamer documentation says "qtglvideosink uses OpenGL/OpenGLES and supports hardware colorspace conversion and color balance". gst-inspect says that "qtglvideosink has capabilities: video/x-raw-rgb and video/x-raw-yuv".

    I want to display video decoded by TIViddec2 gstreamer element. It has following 'src' capabilities: video/x-raw-yuv (format UYVY) and video/x-raw-yuv (format NV12).
    If I link qtglvideosink and TIViddec2 directly then video isn't shown. If I insert between qtglvideosink and TIViddec2 ffmpegcolorspace element then video is shown.

    Why qtglvideosink don't convert colorspace?
    Do I do something wrong or it is bug of qtglvideosink?

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    Default Re: qtglvideosink color convertion

    Sounds like you want to ask this on a GStreamer forum.


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