Hi all

I have some general knowledge of C++ picked up 20 yrs ago in programming courses. I have done some javascript, php and sql, and bits of BASIC and VisualBasic. I am trying to learn Qt 'from the ground up'. The examples and tutorials I have found are mostly for versions <5.2 and suffer from an almost complete lack of explanation. In the 'textedit' example there is a line - #include "ui_textfinder.h" - wherein a file (ui_textfinder.h) is included that doesn't appear to exist and there is no real explanation of where this came from or where it is, just some vague reference to possibly being auto-generated by uic. And that's just an example of what I've been running into everywhere - or just plain outdated.

So my question is this: Where do I go to start at "Hello World" and work up from there with clear and unambiguous explanations of what's going on? A good text? I have "An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt - 2nd ed" and it's like What? - this is not for beginners! Up-to-date on-line tutorials?

Any help would be greatly appreciated (I've been swimming round and round in circles for months).