Hi All,

I need to solve the issue of navigating links within an iframe with a QWebView. After setting setLinkDelegationPolicy(QWebPage:elegateAllLinks), I check the link and then with the pages I'm not interested in then I open the link but if this link is in an iframe then the QWebView will open the link in the main frame and not the iframe. I know I need to subclass the QWebView and the closest example I get is here:


but I can't find a full code example ( .h and .cpp ) and my attempts produce linker errors. I guess a guru could set this up in less than 5 minutes but I've spent hours and hours on this

As mentioned, I've seen a few solutions and at least one where somebody solves with JavaScript. I would appreciate help and I'm sure others would appreciate a small example. I don't know if this should have been posted in the advanced section?