I'm happy that we here at V-Play can finally announce some new cool stuff we were working on:

V-Play Qt 5 Plugins for iOS & Android

With the currently ongoing transition of V-Play Game Engine from Qt 4.8 to Qt 5.3 we also launched our existing plugins for monetization, ads and analytics as standalone Qt 5 plugins!

This step allows it to use AdMob, Chartboost, Facebook and the integration of a lot more third-party services in almost every Qt 5-based app & game right from within your QML code, just as easy as the following example for displaying an AdMob ad banner:

Qt Code:
  1. import VPlay.plugins.admob 1.0
  3. AdMobBanner {
  4. adUnitId: "<your-ad-unit-id>"
  5. banner: AdMobBanner.Smart
  7. anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
  8. anchors.top: parent.top
  9. }
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You can find the announcement blog post here.

We hope you like the new plugins as much as we do and look forward to your appreciated feedback and plugin suggestions at plugins.v-play.net!

Co-founder V-Play