Using Text { ... } in QML produces strange problems for me. In most of the laptops it works fine, but in some there are a lot of characters missing. For example if the text is "Abcdefgh" it might show up as "Ab e g ". I don't know what the problem is. If I change the renderType to Text.NativeRendering however then the problem disappears but in a few places the some characters become unreadable/skewed. Is there an issue with QML text rendering or something to do with OpenGL drivers, video cards etc ?

Also in systems where this problem occurs there is a random crash during application start up. Could be due to a different issue but just wanted to write down here in case somebody knows there is a relationship between the crashes and the rendering problem.

What could be the Problem and what's the solution ?

{Qt/QML 5.2.0, MinGW 4.8, Win 7}