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Thread: How to make application independent of resolution change?

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    Default How to make application independent of resolution change?

    I am beginner in qt, i am trying to develop a application which looks as image1 as shown in 1080p, but that application is to be runned on monitor with resolution 1366x768 when that application is being run on that resolution it looks like image 2.the status bar is going down and all widget pixels are expanding.
    I tried to look a solution for it and tried all possible methods such as High dpi scaling enabling and using lay outs. but in the end it did'nt solved my problem. can any one please Help me.
    Image1 image1.jpg

    Image 2 image2.jpg

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    Default Re: How to make application independent of resolution change?

    Using layouts and not using fixed sizes or positions for child widgets or the top-level widget will solve these problems if you implement them correctly. Most problems of the type you are seeing is because you haven't used Qt's layout system and let it do what it is good at doing.
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