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Thread: QWebview is not working

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    Default QWebview is not working

    I m new to Qt. I have to display google maps in my app. I started with fancy browser. But it s not working. so I started my own example. I added QWebview headerfile and tried to load a Url. But it s not loading.. Code compiled but when executed i m getting blank page. It is not accepting http. Here is my code :

    QWebView *web=new QWebView(this);

    But i m getting a blank page I checked regarding this in google and found that it s because of Proxy settings. I m not technically sound. Pls help me regarding this. I want to connect to proxy regarding this. I m using Qt4.7 n windows and MSVC compiler. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: QWebview is not working

    Have you tried a plain HTTP site like this one?
    Are you using a Qt built with SSL support?
    Do you have the OpenSSL libraries available to support SSL?
    The official Windows binaries were built to link against existing OpenSSL libraries at run time last time I checked.
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