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Thread: QPlainTextEdit scroll to bottom

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    Default QPlainTextEdit scroll to bottom

    In order to scroll QPlainTextEdit contents to bottom, I've tried
    Qt Code:
    1. ui->plainTextEdit->verticalScrollBar()->setValue(ui->plainTextEdit->verticalScrollBar()->maximum());
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    which works partially. The QPlainTextEdit is in one tab of a QTabWidget, if the focus is in the QPlainTextEdit tab then it works. But, if data is added while the focus is in another tab, when I go back to the QPlainTextEdit tab it only shows one line of text at the top.

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    Default Re: QPlainTextEdit scroll to bottom

    What does scrolling to the bottom of existing content have to do with adding more content, how much of that content is visible, or focus? We cannot see your code or output so we can only fguess.

    Please provide a small example of code that demonstrates the problem.

    You should also consider QPlainTextEdit::centerCursor() and QPlainTextEdit::ensureCursorVisible()

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