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Thread: Qwt Legend item/entry set checked programmatically. How?

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    Default Qwt Legend item/entry set checked programmatically. How?

    I can check an entry in a qwt_legend by a mousecklick but how can I achive this programmatically.
    I can hide or show a plotcurve but the representation of the curve in the legend is always unchecked

    I searched the internet for a clue but found nothing really usefull.

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    Default Re: Qwt Legend item/entry set checked programmatically. How?

    Sorry, I forgot to write some example code.
    My Code
    QwtLegend *legend = new QwtLegend;
    legend->setDefaultItemMode( QwtLegendData::Checkable );
    m_plotter->insertLegend( legend, QwtPlot::RightLegend );
    connect( legend, SIGNAL( checked( const QVariant &, bool, int ) ), SLOT( legendChecked( const QVariant &, bool ) ) );
    QwtPlotCurve *curve = new QwtPlotCurve(name);
    curve->setItemAttribute(QwtPlotItem::Legend, true);
    curve->setPen( color );
    curve->attach( m_plotter );
    I can show the curve by code but the legenditem isn't automatically checked.

    Added after 1 3 minutes:

    With this semi "solution" I can check every item in the legend but I want to check only specific items in the legend
    QObjectList obj_lst = m_plotter->legend->contentsWidget()->children();
    int sz = obj_lst.size();
    for(QObject* obj : obj_lst)
    QString str = obj->objectName();
    std::string stdStr = str.toStdString();
    QwtLegendLabel *lgdItem = dynamic_cast<QwtLegendLabel*>(obj);

    if(lgdItem != NULL)
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    Default Re: Qwt Legend item/entry set checked programmatically. How?

    Setting a legend item checked is done in several Qwt examples, where you can find the code. F.e the tvplot example - or in scaleengine/transformplot you even find a method "setLegendChecked( QwtPlotItem * )", that does an exclusive check ( unchecking all others ).
    The missing link between plot items and legend items is to use QwtPlot::itemToInfo().

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