I am having a problem with networking code on our production environment (on Release build) that is not showing while debugging in our development environment (on Debug or Release build).

I have attempted to load the Debug build on our production environment by using Windows Sysinternals's tool VMMap to see which DLLs are required by the Debug build. After placing all dependencies in the local folder of our Debug build (including platforms/ libraries), the Debug build still does not run on our Production environment.

Is there a document showing how to debug on a remote environment, similar to how you would use Remote Debugging on Visual Studio?
I have tried reading http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-...ing-modes.html but am not sure how to get the Debug build working with the dependencies problem in my previous paragraph.

I am running on Windows XP with QT 5.2 and MinGW (g++ compiler).