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Thread: qtSerialPort maximum baud rate

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    Default qtSerialPort maximum baud rate


    I have QT5.3 on OSX Mavericks and I am experimenting with qtSerialPort.

    Nothing fancy, I just tried the terminal example connected to a USB-Serial bridge.. To test, I have another terminal program connected to a separate USB-serial bridge and a simple null modem connection using only GND, TX and RX - no flow control.

    I can have the two programs merrily exchange data until I get to speeds beyond 230400. Beyond that, I get no communication at all.

    The bridges and the other terminal program are all proven at speeds up to 921600.

    Is there some sort of speed limit for qtSerialPort that I can find no reference to?

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    Default Re: qtSerialPort maximum baud rate

    The class is merely an adapter for the platform API so it shouldn't influence the actual communication.
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