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Thread: more explanation of QQuickItem::windowChanged(..)

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    Default more explanation of QQuickItem::windowChanged(..)

    Hello forum,

    I am going through the documentaion - "Scene Graph - OpenGL Under QML" and there is a signal/slot connection as follows:

    Qt Code:
    1. connect(this, SIGNAL(windowChanged(QQuickWindow*)), this, SLOT(handleWindowChanged(QQuickWindow*)));
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    I have seen in the documentation about the signal -
    Qt Code:
    1. windowChanged(QQuickWindow*)
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    it says that the signal is emitted when the item's window changed. What kind of changes are we talking about here - window creation, resizing, dragging, mouse/key focus ?

    Any one to put more light into this ?


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    Default Re: more explanation of QQuickItem::windowChanged(..)

    From the documentation my guess is that it works like property change signal, i.e. it is emitted when the pointer returned by QQuickItem::window() changes.

    So when the item gets first added to a scene of a QQuickWindow or when it is moved to a scene of a different window.


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