When I look at the documentation of the class QCoreApplication/QApplication/QGuiAppication I always see a construtor with the arguments „(int & argc, char ** argv)“.

In the documentation of class QApplication I read that the following arguments are understood:

* -style <Style>
* -stylesheet <Stylesheet>
* -widgetcount
* -reverse
* -qmljsdebugger=<Whatever>

QGuiApplication lists the following arguments:

* -platform <PlatformName[ptions]>
* -platformpluginpath <Path>
* -platformtheme <PlatformTheme>
* -plugin <Plugin>
* -qwindowgeometry <Geometry>
* -qwindowtitle <Title>
* -session <Session>
* -display <X11-Display>
* -geometry <Geometry>

In the documentation of class QStyle I see a few style names and one explicit mentioned as an example: „-style windows“

I am wondering if there is some way in the program to retrieve all those options and present them in whatever form to the user, maybe something similar to the option --help/-h/-? which is used by many other programs. I am also wondering if and how a program can find out which styles are available, which themes and so on.