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Thread: Qt 5.4 + QOpenGLWindow + iOS: using the Apple GameCenter

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    Default Qt 5.4 + QOpenGLWindow + iOS: using the Apple GameCenter

    Hello everyone

    Using QT 5.4 and QOpenGLWindow, it seems it's not possible to make the apple center to show up.
    Calling "[viewController presentViewController:mygcViewController animated:YES completion:nil];" doesn't bring any errors, but nothing shows up. Though it seems the game center window is "there", we can't see it, and inputs doesn't get to the qt window anymore.
    Is anyone having an idea about what I should do ?

    I tried with QOpenQLWidget but I get "QOpenGLWidget is not supported on this platform."
    It does work fine with QGLWidget.

    Thanks for your help !
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