Hi community,

I am working on a music tag editor using Qt4 and TagLib called openMusicTagger. I am looking for some contributors and testers (and users). It's licesed under GPL 2.0. It is just a hobby, but I think that maybe some people can find it useful, I use it for tagging music myself.


  • a simple but functional UI
  • supports only MP3 files now, but in the future I would like to support more formats (e.g. *.waw, *.wma etc.)
  • you can edit title, album, number of track, artist, comment and picture (jpeg)
  • you can edit more files at once (and select which tags you want to load/save)
  • you can copy tags from one file to another (by loading tags from a file and then saving them to another one)


If anybody is interested, or if you just want to use it, here is the git repository: https://github.com/amethystAnt/openMusicTagger

All contributions, suggestions, and bug reports are very welcome.

I am also working on a port to Android (in Java), but I don't think that anybody cares and I want to do the begginings myself