All I wish to accomplish is to add a widget here:

I've been having a tough time finding that widget though. I searched for it in the following object pools:
Qt Code:
  1. ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::instance()->children()
  2. ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::currentProject()->children()
  3. ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::currentProject()->activeTarget()->children()
  4. ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::currentProject()->activeTarget()->activeRunConfiguration()->children()
  5. Core::ICore::mainWindow()->children()
  6. Core::ICore::mainWindow()->layout()->children()
  7. Core::ICore::instance()->children()
  8. this->children()
  9. ExtensionSystem::PluginManager::instance()->allObjects()
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My results are here:
The code snippet to generate the list is here:

From this list, I searched for "Projects" and "Mode", as I presumed this was what I needed (Someone from #QtCreator told me the Object class was called ProjectsMode.) The best I found was a QShortcut in the sidebar, however I do not know how to get the Object from that QShortcut.

Qt Code:
  1. Object Pool: "Core::ICore::mainWindow()->children()"
  2. Object Name: "QtCreator.Sidebar.Projects"
  3. Class Name: "QShortcut"
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I also found some of the actual mode objects, however the mode for "Projects" seems to be absent, or at least I could not find object resembling it in that list.

I also tried figuring out how the CustomExecutableRunConfiguration did things:
However I am left confused as to whether this is the actual widget I was looking for, as it is says that this is a dialogue... I put a lot of effort into trying to solve this myself, however I am having an extremely tough time finding this object. If anyone has any tips (Perhaps there is a better way to find objects in c++ or qt), criticism on how my method is all wrong, or the actual solution; all is greatly welcome.