The problem looks simple, but still I didn't manage to find a solution here or on stackoverflow...
So, I have a plain QMainWindow with QMenuBar (with a few normal menus like File/Edit/Help etc), and that menu bar has a corner widget (in the top-right corner) with a few buttons, i.e.
Qt Code:
  1. ui->setupUi(this);
  2. QFrame* frame = new QFrame(0);
  3. QHBoxLayout* hbox = new QHBoxLayout(frame);
  4. hbox->setMargin(0);
  5. QPushButton* btn1 = new QPushButton(frame);
  6. btn1->setText("button 1");
  7. QPushButton* btn2 = new QPushButton(frame);
  8. btn2->setText("button 2");
  9. hbox->addWidget(btn1);
  10. hbox->addWidget(btn2);
  11. menuBar()->setCornerWidget(frame);
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The default resizing behaviour of QMainWindow is to allow a user to shrink the menu bar and show an extension button instead of menu items. It is implemented in QMenuBarPrivate::updateGeometries:
Qt Code:
  1. if (hiddenActions.count() > 0) {
  2. QMenu *pop = extension->menu();
  3. //and so on
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My goal is to prevent a user from shrinking the menu bar at all. I.e. the minimum size of QMainWindow should be equal to menuBar()->sizeHint() that by default includes total widths of all QMenus + width of the corner widget.
For now I managed only to prevent the extension menu:
Qt Code:
  1. menuBar()->setMinimumWidth(menuBar()->sizeHint().width());
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Now when I shrink MainWindow, QMenus stay visible, but the corner widget gets hidden instead.
In summary, I have 2 questions:
1. what should I add to make the corner widget always visible?
2. is there a more elegant solution (probably using layouts and size policies) than calling a function that relies on a fixed number (setMinimumWidth)? the problem with this solution is that derived classes of my MainWindow will add more stuff to the menu bar, and then its sizeHint will change. Scheduling a timer event with duration=0 just for this is ugly and an overkill IMHO.