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Thread: QSlider sliderReleased() called when moved

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    Default Re: QSlider sliderReleased() called when moved


    Is the signal sliderReleased() supposed to be called when the slider is moved?

    I'm handling the sliderPressed(), valueChanged(), and sliderReleased() signals.

    As you'll note in the sequence below, the sliderReleased() signal is emitted after the first valueChanged() signal. What might be causing this?

    Qt Code:
    1. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_sliderPressed() called!
    2. mDensity0Slider->isSliderDown() true
    3. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_valueChanged() called!
    4. mDensity0Slider->isSliderDown() true
    5. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_sliderReleased() called
    6. mDensity0Slider->isSliderDown() false
    7. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_valueChanged() called!
    8. mDensity0Slider->isSliderDown() false
    9. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_valueChanged() called!
    10. mDensity0Slider->isSliderDown() false
    11. FormatShapeDockWidget::on_mDensity0Slider_valueChanged() called!
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    Added after 18 minutes:

    My guess is that something is causing it to lose focus.

    Added after 50 minutes:

    Ugh ... feel stupid now. That was it.
    The focus was changing due to widget setVisible() calls that were being made as the slider value was changing.
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