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Thread: Funding for adding SVG 1.1 clip-mod support to QtSvgGenerator

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    Lightbulb Funding for adding SVG 1.1 clip-mod support to QtSvgGenerator

    We are looking for a Qt hacker to expand the seriously limited SVG support of QtSvgGenerator. I've already contacted Digia for a quote, but have gotten no response yet, so I decided to propose to a bigger, public audience.

    In a nutshell, we are looking to fund fixing QTBUG-1865.

    As a "fix" we define the following scope:
    When using QtSvgGenerator as a paint device for QPainter
    -Using QPainter::setClipRect() for rectangular clipping regions to limit the drawing of any shape, path or text/font drawn with the QPainter instance
    -Using QPainter::save(), QPainter::translate(), QPainter::rotate() and QPainter::restore() to translate and rotate rectangular clipping regions
    -Nesting at least two layers of rectangular clip regions, the rectangles rotated with respect to the rectangular drawing surface
    -The generated SVG output must render correctly in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari (desktop and mobile)

    The fix should be developed as a patch to Qt-5.4.1 or later.
    The code written under the funding should be license-compatible to all licenses Qt is distributed under, in particular it should be offered for integration into the mainstream Qt, if the Qt governance decides the patch is worth the integration into mainline Qt. If the Qt foundation decides otherwise, the patch should be distributed using an open-source collaboration site, like github.

    Please use this thread to ask for further information or clarifications and use this forum to send me a quote.

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    Default Re: Funding for adding SVG 1.1 clip-mod support to QtSvgGenerator

    I would suggest to contact one of the major service providers in the Qt eco system.

    E.g. KDAB even has a dedicated "fix my Qt bug" service:
    This includes getting the patch upstream, which they have a pretty good track record off (they employ several Qt module maintainers)


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