I'd like to have a different styled spin box, with buttons above and below in respect to the lineedit: in Android style, as i have to use it in an embedded system.
With stylesheet I can't get so far: to reach my goal I have to reimplement the graphics at the least.

In fact, i'd like to reuse the engine of the QSpinBox, and I'm looking for a clean way to do that.
I thought to subclass the QSpinBox and, in MySpinBox class, put two QPushButtons (minus and plus), a QLineEdit, draw them where I like and stimulate the QspinBox-father with inputs coming from them.
Do you think it's a good idea? Do you think there a better way (there's always a better way...) ?
But, as far as I googleled to take inspiration, I couldn't find the Qt-code where the QSpinBox engine is implemented: qspinbox.cpp doesn't contain the interactions with the original QSpinBox plus and minus buttons.
So I don't know how to stimulate the QSpinBox engine in order to let it work with an alternative graphics (supposing that is possible).

Can you suggest me a (-n alternative) solution?