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Thread: listview currentIndex increments when changing orientation

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    Default listview currentIndex increments when changing orientation

    I would like to seek advise on what to do with my current issues:

    1. I have a ListView of different qml pages, in horizontal orientation. Once I changed the screen orientation from landscape to portrait, it will scroll to the next page (currentIndex increments). I set the highlightRangeMode into ListView.StrictlyEnforceRange and snapMode into ListView.SnapOneItem but still experiencing this issue. I am thinking this is due to change of width, wherein the width (in landscape mode) overlaps the next delegate item content while changing into portrait mode. Am I correct?

    2. Another thing is, any advise on how to set a smooth transition when changing screen orientation? Because I have this issue wherein the page will display first the width and height of the previous mode for half a second before filling the current width and height. To add, I used GridLayout as container of items on the page which is responsible on changing the page layout, the number of rows and columns changes when in Portrait or Landscape mode. Does this affect the issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: listview currentIndex increments when changing orientation

    Did you find a solution for the ListView currentIndex problem on screen rotation ?
    I still have the same error with QML in Qt 5.4.

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