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Thread: QT SQLITE Query

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    Default QT SQLITE Query

    I am quite confused what is going on here and I have to be completely missing something stupid, but...

    Qt Code:
    2. QSqlQuery query;
    3. query.prepare("select * from inventory");
    4. query.exec();
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    A simple query to my database that works in numerous other places, just does not function at all in one of my pushbutton slots.

    Qt Code:
    1. 0x14bfed30 //Query Result
    2. " " //Query Error
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    Qt Code:
    1. val = ui->listView->model()->data(index).toString();
    3. QSqlQuery query;
    4. query.prepare("select * from inventory where item ='"+val+"'");
    6. if(query.exec())
    7. {
    8. while(
    9. {
    10. ui->lineEdit_shelf->setText(query.value(1).toString());
    11. ui->lineEdit_container->setText(query.value(2).toString());
    12. ui->lineEdit_finished->setText(query.value(4).toString());
    13. ui->lineEdit_unfinished->setText(query.value(5).toString());
    14. ui->textEdit_notes->setText(query.value(6).toString());
    15. if(query.value(3) == 1)
    16. ui->checkBox->setChecked(true);
    17. else
    18. ui->checkBox->setChecked(false);
    19. }
    20. mydb.close();
    21. }
    22. else
    23. qDebug() << query.lastError().text();
    25. }
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    Example of setup in a listView_clicked slot. But it functions perfectly well. Any kind of guidance would be greatly appreciated, as this problem popped up while I was attempting to make an update query, and it seems to be a much bigger issue.
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    Default Re: QT SQLITE Query

    A couple of general comments about your code shown above:

    • You don't show your call to QSqlDatabase::addDatabase
    • You don't verify that your database has even opened successfully. Obviously if that fails, nothing else can be expected to work.
    • You should use the QSqlQuery constructor that uses your QSqlDatabase object
    • You should not build your SQL statements using values obtained by the user. It leaves you susceptible to SQL injections. Use instead positional or named parameters for placeholders in your SQL statements, then QSqlQuery::prepare your SQL statement, then finally use QSqlQuery::bindValue to bind the values to their positional or named parameters before you QSqlQuery::exec the query.

    Make those changes and if you still have a problem, re-post please.

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